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Legends always starts from ordinary. After focusing on

one thing for 35 yearswe believe that another century

will bear unique super health care products

Established in1983Health Home insists on organizing

its own research and development grouprather than

searching for original equipment manufacturers in its early years.

Till now,there are 269 medical researchers and1078 patents, realizing

the fifth generation super health care products-Health Home.

With 8-12 times efficacy than common health care products,

Health Home products do not lead to dependency and side

effects. Each product from Health Home enjoys high quality,

because of the oriental raw materials and 33 purification

processes. Health Home adheres to the spirit of artisans, to

help achieve the 100-year-old plan of humanity.


Natural raw materials

Global strategy of raw materials-Each collection from each region

has an internal identification code to ensure the natural and safe

raw materials from the source. All formulations has taken animal

and plant tests to assure its reliability.


33 processes

Inheriting the rigorous attitude of German scientific research,

Health Home selects purification technology of highest activity

and stability in its own technologies. Going through 33 processes,

it ensures the equal quality of each capsule for consumers.


100-year-old plan

“The very beginning mind itself is the most accomplished mind of true enlightenment.” Fulfilling100-year-old dream and benefiting all mankind is our beginning mind of developing health industry, and also our lifelong pursuit.